Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

While writing Google Juice part 2 for Entrepreneurs Anchor magazine, I was using Google Webmaster tools to verify some of my statements.
Look what I found: Google's search engine optimization starter guide.
It is not exactly Google Juice for Dummies, it is a little more technical.

It very much parallels what I have in my SEO speech handout. Whew, you always wonder. Google changes its algorithms so often, I try to make sure I am on top of it. 

It also touches on the importance of cross linking within a website, which we have been talking about lately
There is a section on mobile websites, which I think is really important. We are doing some now, but need to promote this to our current clients. The graphic heavy sites don't rank as well on smart phone searches.

As some of you might have heard me discussing last week, increasing your rankings on Google Places is very important. And different from Google's organic ranking. Reviews on google places and social media links and active social media channels are extremely important.

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