Responsive Websites Dominate Google and Win Loyal Customers

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-Dara Gourley, SEO Strategist, Fisher Design

On April 21, 2015, Google will list businesses with responsive websites higher than businesses that don’t have responsive websites.

If you want to dominate Google and have a chance at leads from Google that you don’t have to pay for, your website needs to be responsive. A responsive website adjusts to any size device and most browsers, and it is easy to navigate. By having a responsive website, you illustrate to Google that you want potential customers to understand what your business is about and that you care if your website adapts to their technology.

For some businesses, you saw a shift in technology and consumer behavior a few years back and have a responsive website in place for your customers. For others, you may have delayed creating a responsive website for another day.

The responsive website update on April 21 will likely have the most impact on small businesses. Consumers that visit websites that are not responsive are unlikely to stay on that website or do business with that company.

A responsive website will help you dominate Google and win loyal customers. Here’s how:

  • The Path to Purchase Starts on Mobile – Consumers may use several devices on their path to purchase, but 65% start their search on a smartphone. If your website is not responsive, you are basically telling more than half of total consumers you don’t care about their first impression of your business. Every day the 65% number grows. Every day you wait to improve your site’s user experience is another day you lose new business.
  • Mobile Users Will Support You on Social – In a study conducted by Forrester, online consumers who access social networking sites from a smartphone are more likely to read, comment, like or share content posted by a business than users on desktop computers. If you are like most businesses, you leverage social media to connect with your consumers and for referral leads or organic exposure in feeds. Make sure you give those smartphone users a great experience. This starts with having a site that responds to any device, iPad, smartphone, tablet, etc. It will build consumer confidence that you care about their needs and get them on the path toward being a brand loyalist (only use and refer you). Ps. Support from your customers on social networks produces a nice big cup of Google juice.
  • Consumers Stay on Websites They Enjoy – Do you want people to actually stay on your website long enough to find out why they should do business with you? Create a responsive website. If you have an analytics tool on your website check your bounce rate (or ask your webmaster). A high bounce rate means a consumer is only on your website for a matter of seconds and clicks off. Google does not like this, because it means they just referred one of their customers to a business that didn’t deliver. High bounce rates can be a direct result of not having a responsive site. When the page doesn’t adjust and visitors can’t read your links or see your content, they will click off your page within seconds. The longer people stay on your website, the more Google juice you get. Google will recognize your business as an influencer in your industry and they will want you at the top of the list on the search engines. For more information on content for your site and how it helps search engine optimization, check out: Is-a-blog-really-that-important-for-seo?

At Fisher Design, we understand the challenges of staying competitive on the web. Internet marketing success stories don’t happen without a website that is setup for long-term success. We strive to help businesses learn to efficiently use technology and the internet to grow their business. We want to help you squeeze a big glass of Google juice from those freshly picked leads.

Google is offering a test to evaluate a website’s mobile-friendliness, found at, which – according to the site itself – “will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.”

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