Is your website iPad ready?

Apple has already sold 1 million of iPads in the U.S. and in the next weeks they will start to deliver millions of iPads outside the U.S. Ipad is an ingenious touch-based computer that lets you surf the web, listen music, watch videos, write emails. But if you are not aware Apple decided to not support Flash, so if your site is built using this technology, 1 million iPad users will not able to view your site.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs explained in detail why he doesn't want to support Flash on Apple's devices. He says is not touch compatible, it's slow, it's an Adobe's closed proprietary technology.

On the other hand, Adobe responded about his technology. However many major companies don't want to lose any iPad users and they have already started to build their sites without using Flash, using new standards as HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, for example, Youtube, Vimeo, CBS, ABC, Netflix are totally compatible with Apple products.

Mary Fisher Design already started to avoid flash technology when possible. Most of our sites use html/css/javascript to emulate what flash can do. In my opinion, Flash is still a good web development tool and it won't disappear in a few weeks or months, also because the new html5 and css3 are not fully supported by the most used browsers on earth, Internet Explorer, but flash technology will die sooner or later.

Is your website iPad-ready? Are you ready to lose 1 million+ potential visitors to your site?

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