Florachem – chemical company website search engine optimization in Jacksonville FL

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We finished optimizing Florachem.com. The design was, and still is, looking great but we discovered several issues that was affecting the google ranking:

  1. The whole site was one page
    There are many WordPress themes that people can easily buy and install on the market. The problem with this kind of websites is that we don’t have pages to add multiple page titles, meta descriptions, content to properly optimize for different topics and keyword phrases.
  2. Website was slow loading
    The site contained very large image up to 10MB that was slowing down the site. Not only was bad for people, but google now looks website’s load speed as another point to rank website.
  3. No XML sitemap
    XML sitemap helps Google and Bing to crawl the site.
  4. The site was missing good meta data:
    page titles, meta descriptions, H1 headers, meta keywords.

We fixed all the issues and now the site is ready to be found on the internet!

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