Do Links in Social Media Give Any SEO Juice?


These are results I found on Google when searching Endicia Expert in Jacksonville FL.

Do website links from social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ give any juice to the linked website? 

I have spent a bit of time researching this. Facebook used to have "no follow" tags and is not supposed to give any SEO juice to the backlinks. I have recently seen a business Facebook page rank in Google. I'm not sure how this effects the website itself, but the Facebook page ranked! This is relatively new. LinkedIn has a follow tag and does rank. On June 6, I searched graphic designer jacksonville Fl and ranked #1. Now this is a real breakthrough. I have never seen Linkedin nor Facebook rank #1 for anything in a Google search. 

Last year I was doing a search for PHP programmer in Jacksonville FL. I found a friend's LinkedIn profile. It outranked his website. Actually, it outranked all websites. Tonight I did a search for Endicia expert Jacksonville FL and a LinkedIn profile ranked. That only goes to show you that LinkedIn is the bomb! as far as social media ranking on Google. 

Things are already changing on Google. I know there is an algorithm change coming up. 

Now, Google+, Google's answer to Facebook also allows follow links. Not surprising actually, since it is owned by Google and would like to compete with Facebook, right? But I have never seen a Google+ page rank. Not yet anyway. 

Twitter does pass some link juice. 

My deduction: LinkedIn currently has the most Google juice, Google+ and Twitter a close second. Facebook has social juice and is gaining on Google juice, fast. Active social media seems to raise the rankings on Google maps. And Google maps many times outranks organic website listings if you include the city name. 

So, my opinion is that social media helps SEO rankings, especially LinkedIn. Now, YouTube is an entirely different matter. I'll save that for another post. 

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