Business Facebook Reach Has Decreased

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Did you know that only 2-6% of the people who like your business Facebook page will actually see your unboosted posts? The reality is, the algorithm has changed.

Back in 2016, the algorithm changed for Facebook News Feed prioritizing content from friends and family over Pages. Essentially making it almost impossible for your page to get exposure through organic posts. Facebook defines organic reach as "how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your page."  That number used to be much more. In 2007 people were able to create a business Facebook page (Fan Pages). You could gain easy exposure by getting all of your friends and clients to like your page. The more you posted, the more you were able to reach your audience. In fact, you could be downright obnoxious about it. 

Well, folks, all of that has changed. Facebook, like Google, is publicly-held. It trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange. They need to make money. They need to make their stockholders happy. There is no surprise there. 
If you want more than a few people to see your post, you will need to put some money behind it; by boosting posts or creating Facebook ads.  The great thing is, it's very affordable. And you can target the people you want to see your ad. You can get very specific with your target audience (i.e., specific zip code, women, CEOs, an interest in horses, etc.).  It's one of the best marketing values out there. Do yourself a favor, have a digital marketing professional help you create a strategy, set it up and manage it. 
Even though it's affordable; you can throw good money after bad if you don't garner any business from it. It can be more complicated than you think. How you run a Facebook campaign changes all the time. 
Quality Content + Facebook Ads = Engagement/Conversions

We can market your Facebook business page by first developing a marketing strategy that includes: content creation, images, posting, scheduling; and creating and managing ads and boosts. We also offer training workshops.
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