Be wary of logo design sites on the web. The logos may be stolen.

This information is drafted from SECOND WIND, a nationally known expert in the advertising agency industry.

Companies such as have claimed to be the fastest growing logo site online. They have over 10,000 designs available for use. In August 2011, designer Bill Gardner discovered over 200 designs stolen from his firm’s portfolio on that site. And the site was full of lots of stolen logos from other prominent designers. The uneducated buyer could be paying for a logo and have no legal right to use it. A firm could buy a logo that had already been trademarked by another firm. And so what happens when a company buys the logo, has signage created and put on company vehicles, has stationery designed and printed? They receive a cease and desist letter from an attorney representing the legal owner of the logo.  Don’t be duped by cheaply priced online logos. Be safe, hire your local logo design firm in Jacksonville Florida that you know has good ethics. When you amortize the cost of a logo over ten years, you will literally be paying pennies a day for your mark. One that is uniquely yours. Ante up, pay a fair price and do the right thing. You won’t have to look over your shoulder to see if your logo is being used by another firm, and another firm and another.

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