12 Tips on how to optimize your YouTube videos for more views and better ranking

YouTube can be a great tool also to improve the ranking on your business having back links to your website. However, if nobody can find your videos it won’t be any good. Here are my 10 basic tips on how to upload and optimize your youtube videos for more views and better ranking.

  1. Download this free extension by VidIQ for Google Chrome. This extension will give a lot of features that will help to improve your videos. (I will do a video tutorial soon so you can better understand the functionalities)
  2. When you upload the video make sure the name of the file has good keywords (ex. Jacksonville Florida Web Design Agency.mp4).
  3. Insert a video title with good keywords. It can be similar to the file name but also want to invite people to click on your video, so try to be creative but avoid creating click-baits. You have 100 characters of space but short title are more catchy.
  4. Insert a Long description summarizing what the video is about, you can also include your social links, your business website, your email,  you have 5000 characters. You can set a description default template in the Channel > Upload Default.
  5. Now you will need to insert tags.  The first tag should your channel name or business name, then try to create keyword phrases.  Very generic keywords like “design” or “jacksonville” won’t make your video to rank among millions of other restaurant videos. “Web Design Agency in Jacksonville“, “Designing Website in Jacksonville Florida” are more in line of what you’ll need. VidIQ Extension you will suggest keywords to use and will let you see what tags your competitors use.
  6. Make sure to active the auto-share on twitter and Google+ and add a title in the share box. You will need to show manually on Facebook.
  7. Add the video in a playlist so you can combine similar videos together and make the audience engaged with more of your videos.
  8. When the video is uploaded and processed by YouTube, enter the End Screen items. Here, You can promote your website, subscription to your channel and other of your videos. Youtube let you to use only your personal or business website.
  9. Enter a some cards. Cards are links to show up during the video promoting your website or other videos.
  10. Enter a comment on the video page including a small description and action links to your website and pin the comment. Pining a comment will make to stay always at the top of the comment list.
  11. It’s optional and quite labor-intestive but adding a captions can improve your video because youtube can better understand all the dialog in the video. I usually skip this step, unless I create a video in a different language and I want to create a caption translations.
  12. Watch the analytics of the video on how it goes and be active with your audience responding to all comments, give hearts to the best comments. This will increase the engagement on your youtube channel and youtube will improve you ranking!

And that’s all the 12 Tips on how to optimize your youtube videos for more view and better ranking. Come to see my channel at Youtube Mirkojax.